An informative way to learn about getting value out of Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics

Since June 11th 2020 we have hosted nine webinars on interesting topics delivered by astute speakers, who shared valuable insights about Machine Learning for Predictive/Prescriptive Forecasting and Anomaly Detection. We have focused on how to gain business value out of Machine Learning technology. The sessions demonstrated how augmented, adaptive and predictive analytics using Tangent Works TIM, Tangent Information Modeller makes it easy to deliver business value.  You can find links to all sessions recordings below.



  • Brain Snack 1 | 5 Takeaways on getting business value out of ML

Machine Learning is a hot topic, executives across the globe understand that using data to better steer the business makes sense. This episode of our Brain Snacks series is designed for executives with limited in-depth ML know-how that want to get informed on the challenges and potential of ML for their business.

5 Key Takeaways:

  1. Understand the impact between traditional Business Intelligence and Predictive analytics.
  2. Why many ML projects look promising at kick-off but fail to deliver value.
  3. How to keep the focus of your data experts on business, rather than the art of Mathematics.
  4. How implementing InstantML removes the need for time-consuming expert intensive hand-crafted model building to the business user.
  5. Learn how to unlock value without the need for huge IT projects.

Link to Brain Snack 1 recording


  • Brain Snack 2 | InstantML – the best way forward to unlock business value using augmented ML

Executives across the globe understand that using data to better steer the business makes sense. But too often these project remain experiments and fail to deliver value to your operations or business. This episode of our Brain Snacks series is designed for executives with limited in-depth ML know how who want to get informed on the challenges and potential of ML for their business.

Key takeaways:

  1. The traditional approach of data scientist to predictive analytics.
  2. Why this often results in unmet business results.
  3. How InstantML shifts the paradigm from Mathematics to Business Focus
  4. Use cases that benefited from InstantML

Link to Brain Snack 2 recording


Industry Verticals

  • Brain Snack 3 | Business value from augmented ML in the Energy sector

If one industry was turned around fast it’s the energy industry! Market liberalization and de-carbonization efforts create huge changes in the energy industry value chain. Learn how predictive analytics helps to deal with the challenges of the energy industry. Save cost, purchase better and run operations more efficiently.

In this session of our Brain Snack Series, industry experts can learn about:

  1. Digitization as an enabler for the energy industry.
  2. How augmented ML can help to make better predictions and detect anomalies with a focus on true business impact.
  3. How to deal with many assets or portfolio’s - large scale forecasting.
  4. How to deal with changes in portfolio's, markets and assets – adaptable forecasting.
  5. Create business insight out of your data – explainable and augmented AI.
  6. Why this should not result in large projects and expensive teams of data scientists – Automated AI.

Link to Brain Snack 3 recording


  • Brain Snack 4 | Getting business value out of Time Series ML in Manufacturing  

Implementing InstantML for predictive analytics in manufacturing results in more efficient operations. Better forecasts, better detection of anomalies and subsequent improved predictive maintenance is revolutionizing the industry.

Our speakers will discuss the following areas where Machine Learning augments in the manufacturing industry:

  1. Revamp Quality Control.
  2. Minimize Equipment Failures.
  3. Predict Maintenance Needs.
  4. Optimize Supply Chain.
  5. Optimize Inventory.

Link to Brain Snack 4 recording


  • Brain Snack 5 | Getting business value out of Time Series ML in Retail

Machine Learning capabilities can help to boost sales by better forecasting product demand, availability or prices. Retail data has a tendency to fluctuate over time making traditional approaches to modelling less suited. Real Time InstantML capabilities are a way of dealing with this variability without the need for continuous involvement of experts. It keeps you forecasting capabilities close to the business thus close to where value can be generated.

Link to Brain Snack 5 recording


  • Brain Snack 6 | Getting business value out of Time Series ML In Finance

You've probably read about how Machine Learning is often used in Hedge Funds for pattern recognition, to support quantitative strategies for trading in the capital markets. However, you might not be aware that Machine Learning can assist in many other areas in the finance industry: by forecasting mortgage prepayment rates, detecting delinquencies and estimating credit risk, for example. In this session, Greg Oliven, CTO of our US partner Polygon Research, will cover "Predicting Borrower Prepayment behavior in the US Mortgage Market".

Link to Brain Snack 6 recording


Integration in Platforms

  • Brain Snack 7 | Microsoft Data & AI - Using Tangent Works TIM for Time-series Machine Learning

As a technology partner Tangent Works can now offer its InstantML technology to Microsoft platform users. This technology enables large scale automatic augmented Machine Learning capabilities for forecasting and anomaly detection in a Microsoft environment. The session talks about and demonstrates integration in Azure, Azure Data Factory, Excel, Power BI and more.

Link to Brain Snack 7 recording

  • Brain Snack 8 | Creating business value by adding predictive Analytics using TIM in Qlik

The TIM server-side extension (SSE) for Qlik Sense brings Tangent Works unique technology called RTInstantML to the Qlik user community. It allows users to get instant forecasts based on the data in their hypercube. This helps users to gain deeper insights into their data and the models used. RTInstantML creates a large scale fully automated forecasting capability in Qlik while presenting the user with insights in the models used. It offers extensive opportunities for better more dynamic forecasting while delivering insight. ​

Link to Brain Snack 8 recording

  • Brain Snack 9 | Making time-series predictive analytics easy in Alteryx

Tangent Works is an Alteryx Tech Alliance Partner. This partnership allows Alteryx and Tangent Works to bring a unique combination of technology that enable those who work with time series data to easily benefit from machine learning for predictive and prescriptive scenarios.

Link to Brain Snack 9 recording





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